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Corporate TV Solution



Broadcast your message to clients and employees in an engaging and effective way with our Corporate TV Solution.


With CY Playlist TV you can develop your own communication channel, based on web and OTT technology, to broadcast multimedia content across multiple screens, like TVs, smartphones/ tablets or other digital screens.

What is included in our Corporate TV solution?


• A cloud based modular content broadcasting service


• A web based Back Office to manage the operation and broadcasting component of the solution in an autonomous and centralized way


• A managed service including the solution hosting, storage and data traffic within an AWS cloud infrastructure


Being developed and deemed to be provided over AWS, CY Playlist TV solution makes use of AWS Serverless compute services, such as: Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, allowing us to deliver a resilient, high availability and scalable solution with greater market value.

Multiple Content Formats

Near Live TV (Playlist), Video Streaming, Image Gallery, News Feed


Support for Multiscreen

TV, Display, Web, Smartphone, Tablet


Integration with External Services

Social media, user interaction and more


Flexible Screen Templates

Video placement, TV, news ticker, RSS feed & widgets (calendar, weather)


Content Management & Publishing

Support for multiple roles, content moderation, default playlists, content scheduling



Reporting tool for assets, playlists and devices

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