DATA WAREHOUSEKnow your numbers!Take advantage of our Big Data Reporting expertise in Data Engineering, Extraction, Infrastructure and DevOps.DATA SCIENCETurn your data into actionable insightsDesign, implementation and maintenance of the whole data system will give you an edge against your competition.OTT MEDIALive, recorded or downloaded. Hit PLAY!Your favorite shows, series, sports, news, movies and that special content. All available everywhere and when you want it through our streaming service.SMART BUILDINGTransform your facilities into smart onesIntroduce “intelligence” in the most relevant areas and assets and control everything in real-time through a central platform.SMART CLEANINGUse-based Cleaning OperationsMonitor, detect and alert when and where action is required based on insight generation via data analysis.SMART ACCESSRest assured with every access controlledIdentification and health security are a growing concern as your Offices and Facilities need to be secure at all times.ASSET TRACKINGAsset collection where and when it is neededWith real-time insight of the number of assets per location, save costs by making your operation more efficient.INDUSTRIAL VALVESMonitor your operation’s critical equipments!Digitize your infrastructure to get insights and increase operational and productive efficiency.VR TRAININGPrepare your employees for all operations!Customized training programs in a virtual environment that replicates effectively your day-to-day operations.VR SHOPPINGShopping goes digital and virtually real!Transport your customers to the supermarket of the future with our VR grocery shopping solution.VR TVWatch TV like you are living it!Enjoy your favorite shows in engaging and interactive environments. Just like real life.CY MEDIA FEEDReady. Set. Engage with your target!Select the best screen to broadcast your content. Build your own personalized communication channel and have your content available anytime and anywhere.SIP SERVICESAdjustable to your business model.With extended features, our VOIP Solutions are stable and reliable, and supported by professional developers, so that you can run your business’ communications easily.

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