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CYCLOID is a Select Consulting Partner

Accredited in the AWS Partner Network program (APN)






CYCLOID - Technology and Consulting, Lda. has achieved the AWS - Amazon Web Services, Select Consulting Partner status within the APN. Being a tech consultancy company and developing end-to-end solutions in the OTT, Big Data and IoT areas, it is a key objective to continuously invest and strengthen our competences in several domains, including the latest technology and trends in cloud development and security.


Having joined the APN program in April 2019, we have been working to up-skill our teams and secure the required references to achieve this accreditation. It attests not only to Cycloid’s expertise in IT solutions implementation over AWS, but also to our resources knowledge and competence, and our customer's satisfaction regarding these implementations.


Developing IT Solutions in close partnership with AWS enables us to respond to increasing requirements of availability, redundancy and security that meet customers expectations whether working on developing new solutions or migrating to a cloud infrastructure.


'We are very pleased to achieve the AWS Select Consulting Partner status, making us currently one of few Consulting companies in Portugal to have this accreditation, in the AWS partners network. Securing this objective is particularly motivating and inspiring for us, at a very difficult time for the world, businesses and for each one of us. This milestone is particularly important as it demonstrates our commitment in pursuing a strategy of better serving our customers, continuously strengthening our technical competence in all areas of activity – OTT, IoT and Data -, in a world that is increasingly embracing the Cloud.’, says CEO António Neto.


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