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Grupo Salvador Caetano


GSC is an international Group with more than 70 years dedicated to the Automotive Industry.


The business has expanded considerably in recent years, and the end customer demand for fast answers and quick deals has progressed drastically, so the pre-owned cars Sales Team need for mobility, and a reliable data and CMS, became a priority to the Sales department. With car dealers spread across 37 countries, and over 6500 collaborators, the group needs to ensure a solution that meets the Sales Team demands, and addresses the existing data silos.



Enable high mobility to the pre-owned cars Sales Team through a solution that simplifies and speeds up face-to-face sales by concentrating key features. Support the main stages of the sales process with real-time data, ending with an effective deal proposal and car reservation. Address all data silos. Increase annual revenue as the outcome of a better sales performance. As GSC represents and sells more than one brand, the application should recognize each seller and direct him to the content, and branding, he has permission to access to.





The solution delivered by Cycloid is a Web App that runs on AWS and provides all the required key capabilities in real-time to the pre-owned cars sales team. The development of a middle layer allows fetching information from "potentially deprecated" data lakes and the delivery through APIs. AWS is a reliable option and decision for its cost-benefit relation and the rapid configuration of the required infrastructure. CYCLOID created a serverless, performant and scalable solution, leveraging serverless services such as Amplify, Appsync, Lambda and DynamoDB. Using AWS Amplify made it simpler to develop, maintain and deploy the Application by reducing time and cost. UI and UX definition with navigation flows, and even all the features' support copy and labeling, are submitted for approval before the development of each build; this agility and intensive communication with the client are key to have everything tuned up before moving on to the next stage.






The Sales Team now has a simplified sales process concentrated in one single app that allows them to sell wherever and whenever, with reliably updated data, and produce an effectively valid business proposal. Taking advantage of Cloudfront's edge network and caching allows for quicker response times.


Team productivity

Increased the sales speed and consequent revenue by a a steady service availability, and real-time data such as: performance indicators, Financing and Trade in simulation values, every proposal status, and, of course, all car related details.


Agility & Cost Control

Quickly fix an issue, or deploy new features to the Web App thanks to the implemented modularity that also guarantees cost control: this serverless solution allows for greater scalability, quicker time to release, more flexibility and all this at a reduced cost as the user pays only for the services used.


This solution is available to all companies that rely on their field sales force and therefore permanently need an updated portfolio and corresponding stock.
In a digital world, the scheduling feature is a must have for modern sales teams that values proximity and quality time with their customers.





Our experience and mature internal knowledge assure you an easy and fast setup of your Web App that will help you reach a higher efficiency level and fidelity response, and by running on AWS you'll take full advantage of an agile and seamlessly evolving infrastructure with controlled cost.


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