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IEFP - Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional


The Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP) is the portuguese public employment service. As an entity it is responsible for implementing the employment and vocational training policies defined and approved by the Government.


Integrated in a biyearly run event – Campeonato Nacional das Profissões, IEFP wanted to develop a mobile app, targeting the youth audience that attends the event to make them aware of the importance of vocational guidance as a supporting tool for their professional future choices.

With this app, IEFP wanted to get a serious message across,

but understood that their target audience would be more motivated if

a gamification component

with an added reward incentive
was used.

They decided to launch a serious game app,

typically used in learning situations, using a quiz type logic.



The app allowed users to build their professional profile and according to that profile select from potential jobs and trades to investigate and interact with during the event.


In terms of user experience and interface it was required to strike a balance between content and the target audience, transposing elements from ‘theoretical psychologic models’ into a digital framework and making it interactive and engaging for a younger audience.


Additionally, the app would be used at two different stages – ahead of the event and during the event – and due to its quiz nature would need to be flexible to accommodate logic and content changes driven by user testing without impacting final delivery or involving significant development rework.



Operating Systems


Leveraging our design experience in mobile, Cycloid was able to work collaboratively with the customer to suggest elements that simplified or contributed to a better experience and extended the value users could get from the app even beyond the event (e.g. Profile information).


From the solution’s architecture point of view the requirements mentioned above directed Cycloid’s approach with the logic being developed at a server level and retrieved by the app, supporting dynamic content with last minute corrections being incorporated till just before submission to the mobile stores.


The app’s promotion was focused mainly on an engagement plan with schools, generating the equivalent of over 10% of total visitors of the event downloading the app during the 4 days it ran, with the potential to evolve into a ‘working’ tool to promote the importance of vocational guidance within the IEFP’s remit.


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