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Cycloid launched a simple-to-use mobile application to replace physical menus with digital ones – June 2020



Given the world's pandemic situation, Cycloid launched a simple-to-use mobile application that responds to a very specific need: the removal of the physical menu in restaurants and food services, replacing it with its digital version, accessible to their customers in a simple way. This eliminates a potential source of infection, contributing to a safer eating out experience.


And the best news is that it's free to access and use.


Take your restaurant to the next level in only a few minutes.



1. Register or Login at

2. Upload your menu's pictures

3. Generate the QRCode which can then be printed so your customers can scan it



1. Scan the restaurant's QR Code using the smartphone camera or a QR Code reader

2. Access the restaurant's menu and choose at will


That's it.


The MNU is an easy to use, web-based solution, which can be set up without needing extra equipment or technical support. It's a cloud-based solution (AWS - Amazon Web Services), prepared to grow in a secure and reliable way.


According to António Neto, Cycloid's CEO, "Our goal was to launch a simple-to-use application to address a very specific problem - the removal of the physical menu, without adding complexity or requiring significant investment from restaurants. This solution is a step towards the digital transformation in this sector, contributing to the readiness of restaurants to restart their operations in a safer way, and providing the necessary confidence for their customers to return."

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