Nuno Neto

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Nuno has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, from Instituto Superior Técnico - Lisbon (1998).


He started working in Cycloid since the very beginning of the company (in 2005) as Chief Technical Officer.


Before Cycloid, Nuno was an IT consultant and he worked on several companies like Accenture, GT Informática, Tracy IT and Prisma Consulting.


In 2000 he created an IT company dedicated to financial markets, called Insidemoney, and since then the financial world has been something that he follows very closely.


Building things has always been a passion for Nuno and the IT world created the perfect opportunity to “make things happen”. Currently he is very interested in AI - Artificial Intelligence, and the opportunities (and threats) that this new frontier represents.


CYCLOID Technology and Consulting, Lda.

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