Miguel Mendes

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Miguel Mendes is Director of Cycloid since October 2013 with Financial issues responsibilities.


Previously worked as Director and General Manager for Angola of Fyron Group s.a.r.l a company of the telecommunication company Telcabo S.A.. During the period working for Telcabo was a Director for Telcabo SAS (France) for Gaeltec Utilities (Ireland) and Telcabo Morocco.


For 17 years worked for Alcatel-Lucent Portugal as Treasurer. As a Business Controller assumed Finaciancial Controlling for business in India, Mozambique, Angola and France. Later on assumed responsibilities regarding EMEA Treasuries of Alcatel-Lucent company.


Previously assumed the Financial Department responsibilities for various SI companies as well as for an Insurance company.


CYCLOID Technology and Consulting, Lda.

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